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Woman’s Path, NPO 187-078 is a non-profit that was founded in May 2011 by Ukuanda Co-Founder and joint CEO Mrs Nwabisa S. Lisa. This organization started as a series of workshops and gatherings for women, addressing different topics that affect women in general e.g. Relationships, Health, Spirituality, Finances etc. The aim was, and continues to be to encourage, motivate and empower women to know and understand who they are, in order to operate in their own gifts and ultimately follow their God-given purpose.

Message From Our Founder

I believe that although women play different roles like wife, mother, sister, aunt, friend and daughter, it becomes difficult to fulfil these roles if you don’t know and understand who you are. Knowing who and whose you are introduces you to your purpose, the ultimate reason you were born. Purpose gives birth to vision and direction for your life and family.

Our Vision

To encourage, motivate and empower women on finding the power within and channelling it through their gifts and talents to create a sound and solid environment in and around them.

Mission & Strategy

Our mission is to build an empowerment centre which will operate in four legs, in order to see the vision fulfilled.

Spiritual Fulfilment: Help women to know who they are in Christ, How to use the Word of God to apply in your everyday life, Staying connected to the source in the midst of troubles, Speaking life to your own situation and speaking life to your own family. Living a Christ-Like life.

Visionaries Sanctuary: Encouraging women to have a vision for their lives and families. Encourage and create space of support for those who have a vision. Empower as well as promoting networking amongst women visionaries. To empower and support women leaders as well create leadership workshops and seminars.

Skills Development: To equip women with different skills in order to upgrade and improve their way of living. Eg .Basic computer skills, call centre skills, communication skills etc.

Student Motivations: Motivating Grade 12 learner and establishing a state of readiness for life beyond school, Career guidance as well as Mentorship programme for varsity students


Passion, Love, Excellence, Commitment

Target Groups

Target market is women of all races and ages, and all Grade 12 learners (boys and girls)


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